For every organization to be successful, it needs to have excellent execution and management of finances, projects, and other initiatives. Proper governance and accountability enable the organization to avoid wasting or directing resources towards the wrong endeavors, which significantly enhances the realization of the set goals and objectives. Poor management of the organization’s resources and projects can inhibit an organization’s growth even if the ideas are brilliant and the stakeholders are qualified. Without proper management, exponential growth can lead to more challenges relating to added cost overheads and delays. This leads to projects not being completed as set out in the original objectives or terms of reference.

At, we aim to provide an online organizational and project management tool that answers most, if not all, of the issues that hinder a smooth flow of operations in an organization. incorporates a member or management dashboard to keep members fully aware of the status of projects, the milestones achieved, and the presence of any roadblocks. The platform gives the organization the ability to run projects seamlessly from initiation to completion. It also makes finance management more efficient and allows the organization to manage both internal and external funding. provides the ability to add projects/sub-projects as it becomes necessary to the group with a tracking mechanism. A member profile allows members to make monthly contributions to specific projects with real-time reporting and status updates. New features/tools/modules are added based on increasing organizational requirements to guarantee efficiency at all times.

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